The Warrior’s Meditation™ 25-Day Course

Welcome! This streamlined, 27-video, on-demand course will take you step-by-step through The Warrior’s Meditation™ in a way that will maximize your understanding and abilities with not only The Warrior’s Meditation™ but any meditation method.

Each lesson is short and concise, with lengths ranging between 6 to 15-minutes per video, making it convenient to learn and practice these powerful methods.

This course will provide powerful new material for people of all levels of meditation experience, from meditation novice, readers of the book The Warrior’s Meditation, TEM Daily Guided Meditations members, and even my more advanced personal students and facilitators.

The Warrior’s Meditation™ 25-Day Course offers a fresh perspective on The Warrior’s Meditation™. In my view, this is the most practical, accessible, powerful meditation training available to date. I believe you will find it incredibly helpful.

Here’s What People Are Saying

The Warrior’s Meditation—The “Enrichment” Course.

Even though I have moved into the role of a facilitator of The Warrior’s Meditation and have been faithfully practicing it for almost a year, listening and reviewing with these recordings has without a doubt enriched my understanding and experience.

As Richard breaks down each step in this fresh way, insights arise, a new appreciation for both the meditation method and one’s own body is enhanced.  The sessions can be converted to mp3s to carry with you, and the daily homework encourages play, keeping the practice alive throughout the day.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has found The Warrior’s Meditation intriguing and is curious to explore the process in depth.  Enjoy!

— Kathleen Kellaigh, Certified TEM Facilitator

“I have just taken TWM online course and I am blown away!”

The lessons are perfect for everyone, from someone who has never meditated, to the person who has been meditating a long time.

The Warrior’s Meditation Course is so incredibly practical. Each lesson is short, concise, and straightforward.

You can easily watch them over and over again and continue to gain from each new exposure!

Each homework assignment is laid out very clearly and is usually practiced together during the lesson.

These lessons are a great gift and should be spread far and wide.

— Linda LaTores, Certified TEM Facilitator

“Quite a unique feat”

For me, The Warrior’s Meditation Course has been a very powerful course, and I think it will help to clarify some of the aspects of the Warrior’s Meditation, such as spherical awareness, that can be a sticking point for beginners and not so beginners of the mediation.

Approaching spherical awareness with the “Healing” preparatory exercises is brilliant and so helpful.

In my opinion this course has the potential to significantly strengthen one’s meditation practice especially in the realm of bringing awareness into everyday life. Quite a unique feat if you ask me.

— Barbara Becker, Certified TEM Facilitator

“A really encouraging break through that led me to feeling much lighter and more confident as a meditator”

I really enjoyed the course because it shored up some cracks in my foundational understanding of TEM.

I think that the course presents a lot of information that will be of great use for anyone of any experience level with meditation. This is a great resource!

The course was taught in a very clear and concise manner. The exercises were effective, and built off of one another really naturally. I feel as though the videos led to a much richer understanding of the material for me. I understand these practices much more in my body than I did prior to having taken the course.

If you are new this course will teach you the steps of the meditation comprehensively. If you are an experienced meditator, it will provide a stronger foundation upon which you can develop your practices. And, it will give you a few more tools to implement.

If you are a student like me, who has struggled with Spherical Awareness, then the way that it is presented in this course may be of benefit. I really benefited from starting simple, then getting increasingly more complicated until you are engaged in the practice with the training wheels off so to speak.

The gradual increase in difficulty really allowed me to develop a feel for the practice and understand it bodily in a way that I had not prior to taking the course. It was a really encouraging breakthrough that led to me feeling much lighter and more confident as a meditator.

— Mark Lyon, Certified TEM Facilitator

Disclaimer: This course is not intended as a substitute for the medical or psychological advice of physicians or psychiatrists. The participant should regularly consult their health practitioner in matters relating to his or her physical or mental/emotional health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Furthermore, all activities of this course should be taken at the responsibility of the participant. Individuals who have heart conditions or other issues that may put them at risk when combined with the exercises taught here, should consult their physician before trying these methods.