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Brain Wave States and Meditation: Discover the hidden keys (unique combinations of breathing, stretching, and body-awareness techniques ) to unlocking a profound state of awareness called Conscious Alpha, which is the secret to having a healthy, serene, and engaged life.

Achieving Alpha Brainwave States: Undergo intensive training that rapidly builds your ability to tap into the alpha state, anytime, anywhere, gradually experiencing less anxiety, being less prone to depression, and feeling more peace, clarity, and joy in life.

Spherical Awareness: Get step-by-step instruction on how to expand your awareness from a narrow and constricted state to a blissful spherical state, like a powerful lightbulb shining in all directions.

The Warrior’s Meditation®: Learn a radically-flexible meditation technique that takes just minutes (and eventually seconds) to shift you into Spherical Awareness and Conscious Alpha. Do it with eyes closed or wide open, while seated, standing, walking, talking, or going about your daily activities. No longer will you need to retreat from life in order to meditate.

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