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25 concise video training sessions that experientially guide you through TEM practice and the Warrior’s Meditation.

Part 1: Brainwave States and Meditation: Gain a deeper understanding of how meditation affects your brainwave states, and learn two unique and remarkably effective ways to quickly reach a conscious Alpha brainwave (as a bridge to Gamma), called Vagal Breathing and Vagal Stretching.

Part 2: Redefining Sensory Experience: Redefine your everyday sensory experience through using your senses in a very different way, while also learning how to combine the Vagal techniques with the 5 senses to produce radically powerful states of being that deeply relax and center you in the midst of your daily life.

Part 3: Entering Into Spherical Awareness: Learn to get into a state of spherical awareness (and the Gamma brainwave that it triggers) at will by using your ability to easily enter a deep Alpha state (learned in parts 1 & 2) as a direct bridge.

Part 4: The Warrior’s Meditation: Learn what it is in exact detail, and how to do it in a seated position both with eyes closed and eyes open, and also while moving with your eyes wide open. Also get trained on a condensed version of the Warrior’s Meditation, called Flash Meditation, which allows you to practice its steps within seconds, and thereby have the potential to snap into Gamma virtually at will, no matter the situation you’re in.

Live Daily Guided Meditations: Join Richard LIVE on video (also recorded and made available on-demand for 24 hours each day) for 3 months of daily 15 minute group guided meditation sessions on Zoom, while getting extra meditation sessions from certified TEM facilitators.

Zoom & Facebook Community: Participate in a vibrant and loving community of committed TEM meditators. Join live daily Zoom meetings to practice speaking and listening from a state of Presence, while also connecting personally and forming bonds through a private Facebook community.

Dedicated Email support: Ask any question you need and even get a chance to receive guidance directly from Richard himself.

Here’s What People Are Saying About TEM

TEM has completely transformed my life. It’s a very easy meditation to practice, and after a few weeks of seeing great benefits, I started incorporating TEM in my everyday routine – my morning exercise regime, shower, morning walk, cooking, etc. The results were astonishing. I went from a person with severe anxiety, deep rooted fear and never living in the present moment to now living my everyday life with engagement, often crying joyfully while walking through nature or doing laundry. It was truly profound for me to start living my daily life with such an abundance of clarity, love, happiness, and deep gratitude for everything in my life.

I would highly recommend TEM to anyone who wants to truly and fully live their life on a different level. I am wholeheartedly and beyond grateful to have found TEM meditation, for it has impacted the quality of my life on so many levels.”

Carrie Harney-Ford

“I’ve tried various meditation practices in the past but couldn’t stay engaged and so I gave up on meditation about ten years ago. Two months ago I decided to give TEM a try and found that it was the first and only form of meditation that moved me quickly to an awake state of awareness. I practice it throughout the day, when I am sitting, when I am driving, when I am taking walks in nature. TEM is quickly becoming as natural to me as breathing. I am now present in the moment and the mind and ego are no longer in control. The being that I am is now in charge. I am so grateful to have Richard as my teacher.

Toni H.

“This training program has brought my meditation practice, after decades of being on the path, to a new level of commitment and realization, as well as having a community of new friends from around the world who share in this passion. TEM is easy to learn and fun to practice throughout the day. I now know what it feels like to be relaxed as I can tune in to the senses for an enhanced experience of the present moment. Being in touch with the senses has enhanced my sex life, and I feel more attuned to the natural world. I also have experiences of Oneness with all that is. I feel so lucky to have learned this meditation and to be participating in the daily meditations with Richard, who is 100% committed and dedicated to being our guide.”

Barbara Becker

Every aspect of my life has been positively affected by the work I have done with TEM. Since working with TEM, I have been able to treat more patients without experiencing burn out, connect with my wife and daughter on a deeper level, follow through much more with what needs to be done, maintain emotional stability, experience the universe working through me, as opposed to using will, and feel connected to and supported by All that Is.”

Kris Kokay, Acupuncturist

“TEM practice has revealed to me how to exist completely unattached to the outcome of circumstances while still being fully engaged with what is in front of me. Through continued practice, we learn how to release ourselves from the thoughts and emotions that are not ours and to be present to the greater reality around us. I have found great ease and peace of mind with Richard’s work. I feel tapped into something deeper and more vital than my emotions and thoughts. I feel more stable, solid, and joyful for what life has to bring me.

Celina Reppond, Palates Instructor

“I practice TEM on a daily basis. I start doing it as soon as I get out of bed. It gives me joy, because my senses get triggered.
I feel the benefits furthermore when I am making music because I can feel the vibration more strongly than I did before. That gives me real joy. I can feel my emotional blockages and can release my oppressed frustrations in a natural way.

I recommend Total Embodiment Meditation to people who want to take charge of themselves and to people who feel lost. TEM is the best way to discover yourself.

Rik Kamerik, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

“A week after I started TEM meditations (I’ve done different kinds over the years), I went to yoga (been practicing 20 years). It was wild, as when I started class and was on the mat standing, it was a huge shift- as TEM immediately put me into a deep meditative state that would usually take the whole yoga class to achieve! I am really enjoying this type of meditation.”

Carla Jalbert, Meditation Instructor

Meditation every day with Richard has made a huge difference in my life. Although I was initiated into meditation over 40 years ago, my meditation process usually put me to sleep and I lacked the discipline to practice on a daily basis. Meditating live with Richard is totally different. He guides us through the meditation, which is enjoyable and allows for instant feedback. He can see what is happening as we meditate. It also wakes me up rather than puts me to sleep. There is also a group which meets after each meditation, called the “Waterjug Chat”, where we encourage and help each other. If you have the desire to meditate each day, I cannot overstate the blessing of this opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by.

Linda LaTores

Practicing TEM has allowed me to change my diet and lose 23 pounds in 4 months. It felt easy to do. I’ve never had a diet feel easy before. My total cholesterol dropped 50 points (it was over 200) and for the first time ever my HDL (the protective cholesterol) is above 60. I also no longer have any desire to smoke. Richard’s explanations make sense and instructions are easy to follow. I have noticed quite a difference in my level of anxiety at work and with that a great improvement in my communication and interpersonal skills. My improvement was noticed by my manager who awarded me most improved among all staff. It’s nice to be recognized for all my hard work but the best things are feeling healthier, happier and having a lot less anxiety.”

Diane Ferdig

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