The Secret Meditation Method That Quickly Increases Your Mind-Body-Soul Connection
(Even if You’re a Complete Beginner or Have Always Struggled to Meditate)

Imagine if you could experience a deeply profound, peaceful state of meditation even as you read these words.

Imagine what it would be like to be in a deeply serene yet vibrantly alert and joyful meditative state even as you go about your day, while working, interacting with your family, or doing the endless number of things you do in any given day.

How different would your life be if you could access such a state at will, and sustain it even with eyes-wide open in the midst of normal daily life?

This might seem like an impossible dream to you because you probably believe that the amazing benefits of meditation, which include…

Emotional calm and serenity
Mental sharpness and clarity
Physical resilience and immunity
Spiritual awakening and enlightenment

… are reserved ONLY for those who’ve been practicing deep meditation for years and years or even decades.

Basically, only people who are super dedicated spiritual seekers that have the luxury to step away from the distractions of daily life and devote hours and hours each day to cultivate a serious meditation practice.

But what if that’s just not true?

What if you DON’T need hours and hours, every single day not to mention unbelievable willpower, unwavering discipline and endless patience to achieve a lasting state of inner and outer serenity?

What if you could access the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of meditation with just minutes of daily practice?

Sound too good to be true?
Actually, it’s absolutely possible!

You see, there exists a hidden path that unlocks the profound benefits of meditation, plus SO much more…

It is the direct path to spiritual awakening, which means you’ll start living from the truth of your limitless nature which can eventually allow you to continuously operate from a place of uninterrupted joy and deep peace.

This powerful path will work for you even if you’re a complete beginner in meditation or you’ve never cultivated a consistent meditation practice before. This means you don’t have to be stuck on a meditation cushion for hundreds — even thousands — of hours over the course of your life to enjoy the profound benefits.

Experience Authentic Spiritual Awakening & Abiding Joy
With The Only Meditation Technique in the World That’s Based on Ancient Samurai Secrets Combined With Deep Spiritual Knowledge

Here’s the thing… sooner or later, just about EVERYONE hits a brick wall in their meditation practice, and this is true of long-term practitioners as well as those who are brand new.

This is because many of the most popular, mainstream meditation methods expect you to:

Empty your mind of ALL thought
Renounce pleasurable activities
Sit perfectly still for hours at a time
Continue practicing even when you’re in physical pain
Maintain your practice for years (even decades) before you see results

The truth is you don’t have to do any of these things to experience the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of meditation.

There’s a little-known, incredibly effective method that lets you breeze past all of these challenges because it’s NOT based on concentration, or controlling the mind. Instead, it’s based on expanding one’s consciousness into a profound state called “spherical awareness”. Plus, you don’t have to practice for years before you see results.

In fact, when you work with this one-of-a-kind method, you get to enjoy the incredible benefits of meditation while going about your daily life doing activities like working out, eating, playing with your kids or grandkids… and yes even while you’re DRIVING!

Total Embodiment Meditation or TEM is an astonishingly powerful meditation practice that lets you experience radically enhanced health and well-being on all levels of your mind, body and spirit minus deprivation, struggle, pain and years of dedicated practice before you see results (and you can even choose to do it with your eyes wide open!)

So how is this possible? Well, TEM is unlike any other meditation teaching, process, system or method out there.

It was born of thousands of hours of meditation practice combined with the principles of highly respected, elite, ancient Samurai traditions.

These Samurai were profoundly superior warriors who knew how to stay calm and centered under extraordinarily challenging circumstances. They had the power to access inner peace and clarity in the midst of external chaos while remaining highly aware of everything going on inside themselves and in their environment.

The fundamental concepts of TEM arise from these grand, ancient lineages of the East but with none of the rigorous and complex practices, and years-long dedication needed to achieve results.

Instead, Total Embodiment Meditation is simplicity itself. It gets right to the heart of what it takes to rapidly drop into deep states of meditation.

It’s literally like a shortcut to deeply meditative states previously available only to long-time practitioners.

In fact you can learn the key concepts and practices of TEM in just minutes and start to see the incredible benefits very quickly.

A Taste of What You Can Experience With Total Embodiment Meditation (Even if You’re New to Meditation or Have Always Struggled With It)

A transcendent feeling of belonging and oneness that gives you a sense of fearlessness as you take action to live your best life and manifest your soul’s deepest desires.

Seemingly superhuman physical, emotional and mental awareness such as consciously feeling your nervous system or being able to communicate with different parts of the body and get communication back.

Deep relaxation and rejuvenation at every level – mind, body and spirit — as unresolved mental and emotional issues and traumas begin to melt away.

A seemingly uncanny ability to “bend” time. You can gain the skill of being able to speed things up (where hours feel like minutes) to achieve phenomenal productivity or slow things down (where minutes feel like hours) when you need more time to navigate life’s challenges.

Levels of intimacy and sexual pleasure beyond anything you can even imagine right now.

Realization of the truth of who you are, which is a pure consciousness in which you are naturally free, abundant, whole and joyful.

Seeing life from a radically elevated, spiritual perspective where everything is meaningful and you feel deeply serene and happy from within.

Spontaneous wisdom, insights and creative solutions to problems that previously felt insurmountable.

The remarkable ability to “predict” or sense what’s about to happen next so you don’t feel unprepared or taken by surprise, as life unfolds.

Beautiful experiences of divine synchronicity where exactly the right information, people, and opportunities “magically” show up to support you in your greatest life vision.

Moments of perfect clarity throughout your day so you can return to your true nature of blissful calm and empowered wisdom even when things are not going the way you want them to.

And much, much MORE!

Of course these amazing benefits don’t just happen instantaneously (although some can be experienced surprisingly quickly). TEM is NOT a magic pill. While it is far more powerful than most meditation methods, it still requires dedication and consistent practice over an extended period to see radical transformation and consistent profound results such as these.

It’s just that it doesn’t need years before you see meaningful, transformative results like most other methods do, and it doesn’t require hours a day to get results. Many students start seeing noticeable results within months, weeks or even days- but these are the highly committed students who do it daily and make a conscious effort to practice it (with eyes open) as they go about various parts of their day.

In short, TEM will give you what you put into it. It’s incredibly effective and efficient- far more so than the vast majority of meditation methods you will ever come across- but it’s not a magic pill. If you’re looking for magic pills this isn’t right for you.

But if you’re sincere about spiritual awakening and inner transformation, and you would like to experience these benefits, you’ve come to the right place at last. And so, given all these amazing possibilities, by now you’re probably wondering who’s behind this little-known yet incredibly powerful meditation method?

Hi! I’m Ziad Masri, Author of the Bestselling Book Reality Unveiled. One of My Soul’s Deepest Purposes is to Share TEM With As Many People as Possible & Here’s Why…

A few years ago, I was at a point in my life where I’d achieved a great deal of external success but I had come to the disturbing realization that none of it made me happy. In fact, the opposite was true– after I had achieved all of my goals I felt miserable and EMPTY inside.

It wasn’t too long after this time that I got to know Richard Haight — the creator of Total Embodiment Meditation. Richard is a highly respected spiritual teacher, renowned author of numerous books and world-class instructor of healing and martial arts.

When I read Richard’s book The Unbound Soul, I instantly sensed that this was no typical author, but rather a true, Living Master. I understood that Richard is one of the rare souls who has transcended the ego to live from a continuous state of deep peace.

I started mentoring with Richard the first chance I got, and through his work, I spontaneously began to have profound mystical experiences that started to change my life. Richard accelerated the process of setting myself free, in every sense of the word. He was able to uncover deeply hidden areas inside my subconscious that I had buried and didn’t want to see.

When I got to know Richard better, I learned that he moved from the U.S. to Japan at 24. He studied directly under masters of the sword, staff and aiki-jujutsu for 15 years and ended up becoming a master of 4 Samurai arts, as well as a traditional healing art called Sotai-ho.

Then, following a series of profound visions which guided him to the living realization and abiding experience of oneness referred to in all ancient spiritual literature, he was directed to merge aspects of his Samurai and healing arts to create a radically powerful and unique form of meditation — Total Embodiment Meditation or TEM.

I’ve witnessed and directly experienced the incredible transformative power of Richard’s teachings and so I feel deeply called to help him spread Total Embodiment Meditation all over the world. 

With this purpose firmly in mind, together, we ended up creating a one-of-a-kind, meticulously designed Total Embodiment Meditation training program that’s perfect for experienced meditators and spiritual seekers, as well as those who are brand new to meditation or the spiritual path.

Introducing the Total Embodiment Meditation Program
(No One Else in the World is Teaching This)

The TEM training program is a one-of-a-kind, transformational experience where Richard himself is on camera, guiding you step-by-step through his unique and incredibly powerful form of meditation. The wonderful thing is that you can learn the essence of the meditation and be practicing it (and seeing some profound benefits) in just minutes (literally!).

But we didn’t want the program to be just about the basics of the meditation technique. We wanted to include much more of Richard’s transformative spiritual teachings from his life-long, fascinating spiritual awakening journey. 

So it’s also a highly comprehensive program with 32 (short and straight to the point) videos that will take you through the most important aspects of spiritual awakening that usually trip people up, while also guiding you through what you need to know about entering extraordinarily deep states of meditation in 3 different ways including with eyes wide open.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside the TEM Training Program Through Short, No-fluff Instructional Videos

The Foundations

Uncover the hidden traps and shortcomings of many of the well-known spiritual paths while understanding how to overcome obstacles that can stunt your spiritual growth.

Get clarity on your purpose and understand your hidden motivations and beliefs so you can quickly get on the path to radical transformation.

Save YEARS of running around in circles and coming up against dead ends in your spiritual journey.

The Training

Recognize resistance and inner manipulation so you can let go of control and melt into beautiful flow.

Discover the art of opening up to the freshness of each new moment so you can begin to tap into true Presence.

Understand, experientially, the difference between concentration-based meditation, and how to transcend that by moving into the spherical awareness that TEM is based on.

The Meditation

Discover the 3 bridges that bring the Divine into the human experience so you can quickly connect with your True Self.

Achieve a highly effective inner attitude that takes you out of the endless “mindstream” of thought and drops you directly into true Presence.

Begin meditating with the Total Embodiment method in 3 powerful, primary modalities — open-eyed, closed-eyed, and moving. These modalities give you the potential of being in a profound meditative state throughout your day (while working, running, driving your car, or even watching TV).

The Embodiment

Discover how to enter instant meditative states anytime, anywhere with the Flash Meditation technique (this is a powerful, accelerated form of TEM that allows you to step into zen-like awareness when something stressful happens).

Unearth emotional pitfalls to reprogram emotional reactivity so that intense emotions no longer have the power to throw you off your spiritual path.

Embody your True Self no matter what’s happening or how difficult your current circumstances, so you can rapidly shift various important  aspects of your life and make your true, soul-based desires a reality.

The False Self

Discover the root cause of ALL your suffering and how to work with this new knowledge to release pain and embrace a life of true freedom, abundance, and fulfillment.

Get a detailed account of all the subtle and hidden ways (which most people are unaware of) that the False Self uses to perpetuate itself and control your life.

Understand how to live more and more in equanimity by discovering your True Self so you can radiate inner peace, joy and love from your heart and help heal and change the world just by being you.

Students of Total Embodiment Meditation Have…

Achieved deep meditative states in minutes

Released severe anxiety and deep-rooted fears

Easily quit smoking

Quickly shed weight

Rapidly experienced  higher consciousness & awareness

Let go of being completely controlled by the false self

Experienced a deeply intimate, extra pleasurable sex life

Became incredibly productive

Sustained continuous emotional stability

Found greater ease and peace of mind

Became profoundly creative

…and on and on!

Of course these results aren’t typical, mostly because the typical person is not very dedicated and does not keep up a consistent daily practice for meaningful periods of time. But for those that do, these are the very real possibilities- and we have dozens of emails from people proving that.

This is How You’ll Experience the Uniquely Powerful Total Embodiment Meditation Program

Lifetime Access to All The Videos

When you choose to experience the Total Embodiment Meditation Program, you’ll gain lifetime access to all teachings and training in the online portal. This means you can come back to these teachings again and again based on your own schedule, whenever you want to – no expiration or renewal fees, ever!

You’ll have full access to 32 structured, step-by-step videos with exact instructions on how to achieve true spiritual awakening and life transformation through the Total Embodiment Method. Richard is actually on camera in these videos and it’s going to feel like you’re learning directly from him, 1 on 1.

You can also download the audio MP3 version of every video in the training portal to listen anywhere. And you can view the videos on mobile or on your computer, as they’re formatted to work on both.

3 Months of LIVE Online Meditations With Richard Himself
(This is Absolutely Priceless!)

One of the most POWERFUL elements of this program is that you get to join Richard LIVE on video for 3 full months of daily 15-minute group guided meditation sessions via Zoom.

You’ll be able to meditate together with other kindred spirits and with Richard, who is a true, living master. This is a beautiful, priceless opportunity to share presence with someone who lives continuously from the awakened state. Live sessions are also recorded (each available on demand for 24 hours to gently encourage you to commit to practice daily).

Ongoing Email Support with Richard

If you ever have any questions you can email Richard directly and he’ll either reply straight to you or create a video to answer your question. This level of support is virtually unheard of in a program such as this one, especially directly with a master of four Samurai arts!

True TEM Stories:
People from All Over the World Share How TEM
Totally Transformed Their Lives

“I went from a person with severe anxiety, deep-rooted fear and never living in the present moment to now living my everyday life with engagement, often crying joyfully…”

TEM meditation has completely transformed my life. It’s a very easy meditation to practice, and after a few weeks of seeing great benefits, I started incorporating TEM in my everyday routine – my morning exercise regime, shower, morning walk, cooking, etc. The results were astonishing.

I went from a person with severe anxiety, deep rooted fear and never living in the present moment to now living my everyday life with engagement, often crying joyfully while walking through nature or doing laundry.

It was truly profound for me to start living my daily life with such an abundance of clarity, love, happiness, and deep gratitude for everything in my life. I would highly recommend TEM to anyone who wants to truly and fully live their life on a different level. I am wholeheartedly and beyond grateful to have found TEM meditation, for it has impacted the quality of my life on so many levels – Carrie Harney-Ford

“I decided to give TEM a try and found that it was the first and only form of meditation that moved me quickly to an awake state of awareness.”

I’ve tried various meditation practices in the past but couldn’t stay engaged and so I gave up on meditation about ten years ago.

Two months ago I decided to give TEM a try and found that it was the first and only form of meditation that moved me quickly to an awake state of awareness. I practice it throughout the day, when I am sitting, when I am driving, when I am taking walks in nature.

TEM is quickly becoming as natural to me as breathing. I am now present in the moment and the mind and ego are no longer in control. The being that I am is now in charge. I am so grateful to have Richard as my teacher. – Toni H.

“TEM is easy to learn and fun to practice throughout the day. I now know what it feels like to be relaxed as I can tune in to the senses for an enhanced experience of the present moment.”

This training program has brought my meditation practice, after decades of being on the path, to a new level of commitment and realization, as well as having a community of new friends from around the world who share in this passion.

TEM is easy to learn and fun to practice throughout the day. I now know what it feels like to be relaxed as I can tune in to the senses for an enhanced experience of the present moment.

Being in touch with the senses has enhanced my sex life, and I feel more attuned to the natural world. I also have experiences of Oneness with all that is. I feel so lucky to have learned this meditation and to be participating in the daily meditations with Richard, who is 100% committed and dedicated to being our guide – Barbara Becker

We Want to Make TEM Easily Accessible to Anyone Who Wants to Transform Their Life (So We’re Letting YOU Pick Your Price)

By now I’m sure you’re wondering what the cost of access to this incredibly comprehensive and unique training program is. If you’ve seen any other courses of this nature, I’m sure you know that they can typically cost up to a thousand dollars or even much more– especially if they include several months of live coaching.

However, what I’m going to do will really surprise you, because it’s something that is virtually unheard of for this type of training program. And that’s that, I’m going to let you choose the price you want for a course that would typically cost you up to a thousand dollars or more.

You heard that right, you are going to get to choose the price that works for you, starting at a price floor that is a tiny fraction of the course’s true value. And there are no caveats. This is not a gimmick– I’m being completely open and transparent here.

Now having said that, you might be wondering why on earth Richard and I would do something like this. Well, as I mentioned before, the primary concern pulsing in our hearts is to get this teaching out to as many people as possible who want genuine spiritual awakening in their lives.

We really don’t want anyone to not get access to these life-changing teachings just because they couldn’t afford it. In our view, access to money should NOT be the determinant of whether someone can change their life and reach true and lasting fulfillment through spiritual awakening. Instead it should be determined predominantly by their willingness and inner motivation for deep transformation.

So we wanted to come up with a unique way that can make that happen. And I think we’ve done just that. Let me explain it to you.

I’ve created 4 pricing options, all of which are far below market value, because I want to honor our primary objective of getting these teachings out to as many people who are ready for them as possible.

So the 4 price options are (and these are all in US dollars):


That’s right, the base price is an unheard of low price of only $67 for a training program that could easily sell for a thousand dollars or more. And regardless of the price you choose, you get everything I just mentioned that the program contains.

But how is this going to work for us? Why would anyone choose to pay one of the higher prices when they could get this entire program which includes 3 months of live daily meditation with Richard for the tiny, unheard of price of $67?

Well, in short, we’re placing our faith in the goodness and honesty of humanity.

The truth is that it costs a lot of money to get the word out about this training program. In this day and age with all the noise on social media, it’s nearly impossible to get your message out there without paying a lot of money for online advertising. That’s just the reality of it.

So if we want to get Richard’s teachings out there to people and help them transform their lives, we need to spend a lot of money. But at the same time, remember we want anyone who genuinely wants to change their life and find true fulfillment to have access to this regardless of their financial situation.

So to fulfill that objective we have to price it below market value and include price levels in there that are a small fraction of its true value, and simply put our trust in our belief that people will pay what they can afford and what they think is fair value.

So, what I’d like to say to you is that if you feel that TEM and this incredible training program and live meditation sessions have huge potential value and you can afford it, my hope is that you’ll choose one of the middle or higher prices, as your heart guides you to.

That’s because without a decent amount of people willingly doing that, this model is unsustainable and we won’t be able to continue to pay for online advertising to spread it to the world.

And if you choose to do that then I sincerely thank you for helping us to be able to spread these teachings in a bigger way and to help change more people’s lives. That’s what your choice to pay one of the higher prices, if you’re able to, will do.

And to me, that’s the biggest act of philanthropy that any person can do. While it’s incredibly beneficial to give to those in need on the physical level, it’s exponentially more powerful to help on the level of consciousness because that has unimaginable knock-on effects.

So you really have no idea just how much you’re helping the world by going through this program and, if you’re able to, choosing one of the middle or higher prices which allows it to be spread to even more people.

But, having said that… if you feel the course has big potential value and you genuinely can’t afford anything more than the floor price, or if you have ANY other reason for not paying more than that, of course that’s more than OK. I trust that you’re coming from a place of sincerity and I’m more than happy for you to get access to life-changing teachings at whatever price you feel is right for you for WHATEVER reason.

Do You Want Radical and Lasting Transformation (Finally)
Or Just More of the Same In Your Life?

If you’re still on the fence of whether to join this training program, right now you have two inner voices speaking to you. One voice is your spiritual heart, and the other is the ego (or what has been called, the false self, and which is what keeps us captive).

The spiritual heart is gently nudging you to do what it knows is in your highest good. It doesn’t speak with a voice but rather with an inner knowing or intuition. The false self, on the other hand, is the voice in your head coming up with every excuse of why you shouldn’t join.

It says: I can’t afford it. I don’t have the time. Will this really work for me? And on and on and on.

This voice sounds reasonable and seems to have your best interest at heart, but it’s a deceiver. It is what has always led you astray.

Your inner knowing, on the other hand, is what has always guided you to your highest good, even if you have not recognised that fact. And so if you’re feeling this inner knowing and a sense of longing in your soul to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, please don’t ignore it. In truth, it’s your heart and soul that led you directly here to read this page because this is what’s in your highest good- and you’re ready for it. Or else you wouldn’t even still be reading this after all this time, would you?

And if that’s the case, how can you be thinking about it as a cost, or listening to the other excuses your mind is conjuring up, especially when you’re being given the freedom to pay only what you can afford, and the returns from it are so exponentially greater?

And so the real question to ask yourself is not “should I do this?” but rather, “what’s the alternative?”

The alternative is to stay exactly where you are today, hoping for a better future but never doing anything truly different to actually have it. Waking up each day uninspired. Going through the motions just to get through another day. Feeling disappointed and ashamed of how your interactions with your loved ones don’t match your ideals. Feeling stuck on the spiritual path. Longing for something deeper- something more real– but not being able to reach it.

And why are you still stuck in this place? Simply because you’re choosing not to do anything truly different about it. Because you’re choosing not to invest in yourself and in the radically different meditative practice that will begin the process of setting you free.

And this isn’t just empty talk. There are numerous real world results from people just like you to show that it is indeed possible to experience the amazing promised benefits of meditation without all the struggles or endless years of practice. You’ve already read some of their accounts and there are more below.

So please don’t do yourself the disservice of listening to the excuses of your mind. I’ve tried to do my part and not only bring Richard’s teachings and training to the world in a bigger way, but to do so in a virtually unheard of way that allows people to choose their own price. 

Now it’s your turn to step up and follow your heart and soul. It doesn’t take much. You have very little to lose and so much to gain. So click on the button below and start your deep transformation now. The mind- the false self- may have you stuck on the fence. But your heart- your True Self- knows if all of this resonated with you or not. And if it resonated, I pray that you listen to the heart. Because it’ll never lead you astray.

More True TEM Stories:
People from All Over the World Share How TEM
Totally Transformed Their Lives

“…able to treat more patients without experiencing burn out, connect with my wife and daughter on a deeper level…”

Every aspect of my life has been positively affected by the work I have done with Total Embodiment Meditation.

Since working with TEM, I have been able to treat more patients without experiencing burn out, connect with my wife and daughter on a deeper level, follow through much more with what needs to be done, maintain emotional stability, experience the universe working through me, as opposed to using will, and feel connected to and supported by All That Is.

– Kris Kokay, Acupuncturist

“I have found great ease and peace of mind with Richard’s work. I feel tapped into something deeper and more vital than my emotions and thoughts”

TEM practice has revealed to me how to exist in a way that is completely unattached to the outcome of circumstances while still being fully engaged with what is in front of me.

Through continued practice, we learn how to release ourselves from the thoughts and emotions that are not ours and to be present to the greater reality around us.

I have found great ease and peace of mind with Richard’s work. I feel tapped into something deeper and more vital than my emotions and thoughts. I feel more stable, solid, and joyful for what life has to bring me.

– Celina Reppond, Pilates Instructor

“I feel the benefits furthermore when I am making music because I can feel the vibration more strongly than I did before. That gives me real joy.”

I practice TEM on a daily basis. I start doing it as soon as I get out of bed. It gives me joy, because my senses get triggered.

I feel the benefits furthermore when I am making music because I can feel the vibration more strongly than I did before. That gives me real joy.

I can feel my emotional blockages and can release my oppressed frustrations in a natural way. I recommend Total Embodiment Meditation to people who want to take charge of themselves and to people who feel lost. TEM is the best way to discover yourself.

– Rik Kamerik, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Frequently Asked Questions About
Total Embodiment Meditation

I already meditate using a form of meditation that I like. Will I have to give that up?

No! You can use Total Embodiment Meditation to enhance your current meditation practice. TEM can be used with other forms of meditation to make them much more potent because the limitations of those meditations can often be transcended or outright avoided with this method.

Does Total Embodiment Meditation work only with eyes open, or can it be done with eyes closed too?

TEM has 3 basic modalities, which are eyes-open, eyes-closed, and moving meditation. So yes, you can definitely do it with your eyes closed. It’s just that it’s taught with eyes open too so you can readily transfer the TEM method into your everyday life.

How long will it take me to go through the entire training program?

That really depends on the time you have available and your level of commitment. If you’re super dedicated you could complete the entire program in just a few days. If not, you might spend a few weeks doing one short video a day. It’s meant to work around your schedule and life-situation!

Is this only for spiritual people or can anyone benefit?

Anyone can benefit. All you need to have is the open-hearted willingness to question your assumptions about yourself and life and be receptive to seeing things from a different perspective. The meditation technique itself requires zero spiritual knowledge or belief. It’s purely experiential.

More True TEM Stories:
People from All Over the World Share How TEM
Totally Transformed Their Lives

“… TEM immediately put me into a deep meditative state that would usually take the whole yoga class to achieve!”

A week after I started TEM meditations (I’ve done different kinds over the years), I went to yoga (been practicing for 20 years).

It was wild, as when I started class and was on the mat standing, it was a huge shift- as TEM immediately put me into a deep meditative state that would usually take the whole yoga class to achieve!

I am really enjoying this type of meditation

– Carla Jalbert, Meditation Instructor

“If you have the desire to meditate each day, I cannot overstate the blessing of this opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by.”

Meditation every day with Richard has made a huge difference in my life. Although I was initiated into meditation over 40 years ago, my meditation process usually put me to sleep and I lacked the discipline to practice on a daily basis. Meditating live with Richard is totally different.

He guides us through the meditation, which is enjoyable and allows for instant feedback. He can see what is happening as we meditate. It also wakes me up rather than puts me to sleep.

There is also a group which meets after each meditation, called the “Waterjug Chat”, where we encourage and help each other. If you have the desire to meditate each day, I cannot overstate the blessing of this opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by

– Linda LaTores

“Practicing TEM has allowed me to change my diet and lose 23 pounds in 4 months. It felt easy to do… I also no longer have any desire to smoke”

Practicing TEM has allowed me to change my diet and lose 23 pounds in 4 months. It felt easy to do.

I’ve never had a diet feel easy before. My total cholesterol dropped 50 points (it was over 200) and for the first time ever my HDL (the protective cholesterol) is above 60. I also no longer have any desire to smoke. Richard’s explanations make sense and instructions are easy to follow.

I have noticed quite a difference in my level of anxiety at work and with that a great improvement in my communication and interpersonal skills. My improvement was noticed by my manager who awarded me most-improved among all staff. It’s nice to be recognized for all my hard work but the best things are feeling healthier, happier and having a lot less anxiety

– Diane Ferdig