Why Raising Your Vibration to Attract True Abundance is Easier and Faster than You thought Possible

Do you ever find yourself thinking…

“I’m upset/angry/disgusted at what’s going on in the world. I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t feel like getting out of bed. I want to stay under the covers all day.”

“I don’t care what happens anymore. It’s all just too much!”

“Will I ever attract real abundance and freedom in my life?”

“Am I ever going to be truly happy and fulfilled in a way that lasts? I’m so exhausted.”

We’ve all had thoughts like these from time to time, but with what’s going on in the world these days, thoughts like this can become the undercurrent of your life, leaving you in an unhappy and lifeless state.

And it’s understandable to feel this way. With economic uncertainty, political and social unrest, global (and personal) health concerns, and financial insecurity all looming, most people feel like they’re constantly at a boiling point.

Maybe you feel this way quite overtly, or maybe it’s just a subconscious nagging feeling. Either way, something feels off, and it’s exhausting to continually feel like this.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried to feel better, improve your mood, or think positive thoughts, it’s just that nothing seems to work… at least not for long.

It’s like a dark cloud of negative energy has descended on everything. It’s triggering fear, anxiety and uncertainty and you feel powerless to do anything about it in any real, lasting way.

The truth is, it’s harder than ever to feel centered and calm right now.

But what if you could…

Tap into genuine happiness, love, purpose and other high vibrational emotions, whenever you want to…

Feel more alive, inspired and in tune with your true self than you have in years (or maybe even ever) despite all the chaos and uncertainty…

Attract true abundance in a more aligned and effortless way…

This isn’t wishful thinking or wild fantasy. All of this (and more) becomes possible when you learn how to properly work with your vibration.

So the only question to ask yourself is…

How Will Your Life Transform When You Know Exactly How to Raise Your Vibration, Radiating a New Energy Field that Has Much Greater Potential of Attracting True Abundance in All Its Forms??

To answer this question we have to first look at something a lot of people don’t really understand… what is “vibration” exactly?

Your vibration is essentially a measure of your overall state of well-being. It is the underlying state of consciousness that influences your thoughts, emotions and physical energy/health.

When you raise your vibration, you can expect a significant boost to your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional state.

And here’s the most important thing you need to know…

When you learn how to raise your vibration, you become in command of how you experience and perceive your life and the world, and this has the effect of transforming your inner and outer life.

This is because everything we experience, everything we want to manifest or create begins with the level of our vibration.

More scientifically, we all have what’s called a subtle energy field surrounding our body, and it vibrates at a certain rate. This rate of energetic vibration then attracts other energy that’s vibrating at a similar rate.

Since everything in the universe is fundamentally made of vibrating energy (including objects, people, thoughts, emotions, and even situations, which are a composite of various fields of intersecting energy), your vibration literally attracts everything in your life.

You may have conscious desires and goals, but these will not be fulfilled unless your vibration is at a rate that can attract them into your life.

But, there’s a big caveat here.

Creating a life of true abundance isn’t just about raising your vibration.

There are many vibration raising methods and techniques out there, but they don’t work in a deep or lasting way because of a key flaw in their design.

Namely, to raise your vibration in a true and more lasting way, you need to do it in a very specific way that connects you to “Spirit”, or what’s also known as Higher Consciousness, which is beyond the human mind or ego.

Otherwise it will fail.

But just how do you do that, exactly?

Hi! I’m Ziad Masri, Author of the Best-Selling Book Reality Unveiled, Considered By Many to Be One of the Most Transformative Spiritual Books in Recent Times

I’m also the co-founder of SoulHub.com. I founded the site with Tom Cox, a fellow author and lifelong researcher of esoteric wisdom and non-mainstream scientific knowledge.

Tom and I are both deeply devoted to spreading scientifically-backed spiritual methods and techniques to empower people to experience true spiritual awakening and transcend their limited sense of self.

In-line with our shared purpose, we wanted to create a fast, accessible, and highly effective method that can help as many people as possible shift out of stress, sadness, apathy and all of the emotions that cause so much unneeded suffering (and even physical pain).

So we decided to combine Tom’s strength in esoteric science and my strength in teaching spiritual wisdom to come up with a vibration raising system based on the hidden key of connecting with Higher Consciousness, while making it simple and easy enough that it would work for virtually anyone no matter where they are in their spiritual and personal growth journey.

The result is our science-meets-spirituality Radiant Heart Vibration Raising System.

This is one of the few vibration raising systems out there that isn’t about “feeling good” in the moment and then quickly falling back to low vibrational states like anxiety and fear a few hours (or even minutes) later.

This is a powerful, reliable system that actually helps you to transform from the inside out so your “baseline” vibration is lifted more and more, each time you use it.

The best part is that Radiant Heart is not a complicated, complex methodology that takes hours to practice and years to master.

And you can have real faith that it’ll work for you because it brings together proven-to-work principles and techniques based on both ancient wisdom and hard scientific data.

Here’s the thing…

If You’ve Ever Tried to Raise Your Vibration Based on Mainstream Methods That You Can “Google”, or If You’ve Followed Some of the Law of Attraction Books, Courses & “Gurus”, You’ve Probably Hit One or More of These Massive Roadblocks…

Vague + Unproven
Vague, unproven methodologies and ideas around raising your vibration that are confusing, feel strange or weird, and usually based on empty promises that expect you to just have “blind faith” that they will work for you.

Unsustainable + Inflexible
Complex and unsustainable techniques that include lots of steps and activities that are totally inflexible (you MUST do it in this way or it won’t work!)

Unreliable Results
You get unreliable results, and if you’re being perfectly honest with yourself, a lot of these methods don’t work most of the time (you get mixed results, at best).

Doesn’t Work for You
You’ve worked hard on a lot of the systems and methods out there but no matter how hard you try, you still can’t readily shake off feelings of stress, fear, anxiety, worry, etc and you’re starting to think there might be something wrong with YOU (don’t worry, it’s not you!)

Major Investment
You end up investing lots of time and energy to get these methods to work (and there’s usually a significant financial investment involved too!)

The Radiant Heart System Is Like Nothing Else Out There. It’s Unlike Any Other Vibration Raising Method Because This Powerful Yet Simple System is…

Based on Hard Science
So there’s nothing vague or unproven about this system and there’s no need for blind faith or belief!

It’s specifically designed to be easy-to-implement so you don’t feel overwhelmed at any point and you can continue to practice consistently even if you have a very busy schedule.

This system includes 3 powerful ways to tap into high vibrational states, so if one path doesn’t resonate with you, you can try the others… lots of flexibility to suit your mood and your personal preference!

Gives You Consistent, Reliable Results
Your results are much more consistent and reliable with this system because you’re working with scientifically proven techniques that put you in a high vibrational state through connection with Higher Consciousness (which is the only way you get real and lasting results).

Transforms You from the Inside Out
The core of this system puts you in a high vibrational positive state from the inside out to give the potential of transforming your experience of life and the world without having to get more stuff, earn more $$$ or change your external circumstances in any way (although the external circumstances can magically transform to reflect your higher vibration).

Works in Minutes a Day (+ Shockingly Low Price Point!)
You can expect to see noticeable results with this system by practicing for just a few minutes a day plus you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet to get access (the price point is nowhere close to the real value of the Radiant Heart System).

When You Consistently Work with The Radiant Heart Vibration Raising System You Gain the Potential to…

Access and radiate a positive vibrational energy field that has the power to lift your mood, physical energy and spiritual connection (and also do the same for others around you).

Feel enlivened and inspired to go after your biggest goals, in alignment with your deeper values.

Attract incredible opportunities, “coincidences”, “chance” meetings, experiences and abundance in all its forms – time, love, money, health – with greater ease.

Experience authentic calm and confidence from within, such that stressful situations have much less power to rock your world.

Feel better than you have in years (maybe ever!) in all aspects of your being… in your body, mind and spirit.

And more…

Radiant Heart: The Unique Vibration Raising System
That Brings Together the Best of Science & Spirituality in an Easily Accessible Way

The Radiant Heart System works without fail if you consistently work with it, and the good news is there’s not much “work” you need to do!

The entire system consists of quick, easy-to-do vibration raising techniques that can quickly shift you into high vibrational states and raise your base-line vibration over time.

You’ll have the potential of experiencing increased energy, elevated mood, greater mental clarity and focus, a newfound sense of well-being, and a more synchronistic, abundance-filled life, all in a relatively short time.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity and ease of this system… there’s an incredible amount of spiritual wisdom and scientific research packed into it and you can literally begin a major life transformation when you apply it consistently.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you get the Radiant Heart Vibration Raising System

An in-depth, 35-page digital book that gives you all the science behind the system (in a very easy to understand way, without all the technical jargon), while unpacking the esoteric spiritual truth that supports it. This will give you strong foundational knowledge and understanding which will provide all the motivation you need to commit to applying the system consistently.

The ability to work with the system on your own or through the convenience and ease of 3 unique guided meditations that combine all the techniques seamlessly. Available as MP3 audios, you can choose to connect with Higher Consciousness and raise your vibration in 3 different ways (and you can do more than one per day if you like!).

A unique system that carefully combines 4 scientifically proven Breathing Techniques, 2 unique Visualization Techniques, and 1 powerful Deep Rest technique, in an easy to use way, all designed to work for you in as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day. These scientifically proven tools work together through the meticulously built system to quickly raise your vibration, boost your energy, and connect you with Spirit or Higher Consciousness.

FREE GIFT: Bonus MP3 audio that relaxes and guides you into a refreshing 15-minute Deep Rest period. You can use this during extra stressful periods when you may need to calm and clear your mind before raising your vibration with one of the 3 guided meditations.

You Can Get the Entire Radiant Heart Vibration Raising System At a SHOCKINGLY Affordable Price
(But Only for a Limited Time)

As mentioned before, Tom and I want to make this accessible to as many people as possible.

While there are many vibration raising methods out there selling for hundreds of dollars (even without having any scientific backing to prove how and why they work), we’ve decided to set the price for the Radiant Heart Vibration Raising System —  including the digital book, and MP3 audio guided meditations —  for just…


That’s it.


For this special launch, we’re going to offer it at far below its value to make it affordable for literally anyone who wants it.

So instead of $97, you’ll only be paying…


That’s not a typo, but there is a deadline attached to this price.

While we’d love to have this publicly available for all time at this price point, the truth is that a lot of people will hesitate to move forward with this transformative decision if there is no deadline to consider… that’s just human nature!

And because we don’t want anyone to miss out on this incredible system, we decided to add this time-sensitive incentive to inspire you to take the next step to a more inspired, more beautiful, more abundant life.

The truth is while we call Radiant Heart a “System” it’s actually MUCH more than that. It’s not just a system or a bunch of techniques. It’s not even merely a collection of meditations, breathwork and visualizations…

Radiant Heart is a powerful, inspiring, beautiful new way to LIVE and experience the world. It’s a step on a new path towards living each moment of your life in joy, abundance, gratitude, love and all of the good things in life.

Getting access to a science-backed, wisdom-packed system like this at this price point is virtually unheard of.

Not only could it create a true transformation for you like you’ve always wanted, but think about the alternative…

Remaining in a state of struggle and lack. Feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Being filled with worries about your life and concerns about the state of the world. Feeling disillusioned, disappointed or utterly helpless deep down in that place you don’t even want to admit to yourself.

Do you really want to stay there when a mere $27 could open up a whole new path and reality for you? Especially given the relatively small time investment needed to put the Radiant Heart Vibration Raising System into practice?

The one thing that you can be sure of is if you do what you’ve always done or if you do nothing… nothing will change.

So here’s our invitation to you…

If you’re feeling drawn to working with a simple, powerful system that could spark a true transformation and lead to true abundance (for a fraction of what it’s truly worth), check it out before the timer runs down to zero. There’s very little to lose and so, so much to gain.