You Are % Mind-Body-Soul Connected

What does this score mean about you?

Your score is based on a connection scale from 0 to 100%. There are 3 main scoring zones. The first zone is below 40%, the second is from 40% to 70% and the third is above 70%.

Your score lies in the first zone.

This means that you have a low mind-body-soul connection. This is not a reason to feel bad. To the contrary, it’s more of a reason to feel good, because unless you know exactly where you are and what your key blocks are, you’ll never be able to become more connected and enjoy the incredible benefits of it.

So let’s explore that.

A score below 40% means that your mind has major control over you. In a way, it’s not wrong to say that you’re enslaved by your mind.

You get your sense of identity almost exclusively from your thoughts and feelings, and there’s little space to allow you to witness them instead of being controlled by them.

This can create deeply negative states in you that you find very difficult to get out of, which is quite frustrating and emotionally hard on you. It creates a life in which many things have the power to throw you into a downward emotional and psychological spiral.

From this state of being, there’s little connection to your body or soul. This means that it can be hard for you to sense what life decisions to make, or if you do sense them, to follow them decisively with ease.

You also have more potential for attracting negative outcomes since your mind is continually doing its best to try to keep you in a lower state of consciousness. This can lead to health issues which linger, since the lack of connection to the body gives you little insight into how to heal naturally.

But possibly most important of all, is the lack of your mind and body’s connection to your soul, which tends to lead you to an unfulfilling life that lacks true joy, peace and a sense of well-being.

The Surprising Secret to Quickly Increasing Your Mind-Body-Soul Connection

It can be hard to hear that you have a low mind-body-soul connection, but it’s much harder to live it.

Which is why I’d like to reveal the surprising secret to dramatically (and relatively quickly) increasing your mind-body-soul connection, which can begin rectifying all your issues, leading to a life of more joy, serenity, abundance, and overall fulfillment.

So do you know who some of the most connected people in history are, on a mind-body-soul level?

They’re the elite Japanese Samurai.

But what was their secret? How did they achieve such deep connection?

Well, what very few people know is that the elite Samurai were able to continually be in what’s called, spherical awareness.

This means that instead of their window of perception and sense of self being in their head, behind their eyes, like most people experience, they experienced themselves as an expanded consciousness that is deeply connected to the environment within and around their entire body.

This created a sort of merging of mind, body and soul into a unified field of consciousness that gave them superhuman-like abilities, while creating an aura of unshakable peace and well-being.

Now what if I were to tell you that there are still a few modern day Masters of the Samurai arts, and that one of them has now dedicated his life to helping humanity by teaching people how to access this incredible state of spherical awareness?

And what if I told you that he’s discovered a sort of direct method that gives people the ability to experience this without years of intensive practice? In fact, sometimes in only a matter of hours or days, starting the process of transforming their lives quite rapidly.

Would that interest you?

Well, my name is Ziad Masri, author of the #1 bestselling book, Reality Unveiled, and this Master of 4 different Samurai arts is actually my mentor.

And his unique method is so radical that it gives you the potential to quickly tap into and maintain zen-like states of being with your eyes wide open as you go about your daily activities.

Whether you’re working, interacting with others, exercising, driving, watching TV… you can be in a profound state of mind-body-soul connection, no matter what your current level of connection is.

It sounds virtually impossible until you’ve actually experienced it.

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