Free 1-on-1 Spiritual Coaching with Me (specific instructions on how to participate are below the email on this page)

Original email I sent to the community:


I’m excited to announce that I’m giving away 8 free, 45 minute 1-on-1 spiritual coaching sessions as part of my new podcast launch.

If you would like to jump on a Zoom call (video, or audio only- whatever you prefer) and have a 1-on-1 coaching session with me, during which you can ask me any questions you want, get direct help on any issue you’re facing in life or the spiritual awakening journey, or anything else you need, then please read this email in detail!

The podcast I’m launching is essentially my new YouTube video series in audio form, but since the podcast is brand new (unlike the YouTube channel), it’s going to need some real support from my community so that others can find it among the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there.

I did some research and it turns out that Apple Podcasts has a “New & Noteworthy” section in which they highlight new podcasts that are getting some buzz, and this helps these new podcasts be found by a larger audience (there are other podcasting platforms but I’m focusing only on Apple for this launch).

The way they choose who makes it into that section is based on the number of subscribers/followers, episode listens, and reviews that a new podcast gets, mainly in its first 2 weeks after launching.

So that gave me the idea to reach out to the SoulHub community and ask a big favor from you guys. Basically, it would mean the world to me if you could check out the podcast and do these 3 things (simple instructions with direct links are at the end of this email):

1. Subscribe to / Follow the podcast

2. Listen to each of the first 3 episodes on there (if you’ve already watched the video versions of the first 3 episodes of the podcast, please listen to them again on Apple Podcasts. Not only does it help the show get discovered by ranking better in the critical first two weeks, but it’s so worth a second listen because often it’s the second time around that we really take something in and integrate it on a deeper level).

3. Leave an honest rating & Review (please make sure to listen to at least one episode before leaving a review so Apple doesn’t think it’s a fake review from someone who’s never listened).

What I’m going to do then is pick my 4 favorite written reviews and give each of those people a free 1-on-1 coaching session, and then also pick 4 reviews randomly, and award them each a free coaching session. That way, everyone has a real chance to get a free session.

This is my way of saying thank you for taking the time and effort out of your busy day to help me with this, and quite honestly it’s also a way to motivate and inspire more of you to help out.

I don’t make any money from the podcast itself- it’s really just about helping as many people as possible. And your review could literally be the deciding factor that gets someone to decide to start listening to the podcast and possibly change their life. So it’s a true service to other human beings who are going through similar struggles as you.

(And your listens could also be the deciding factor that pushes the show enough up the rankings to make the New & Noteworthy section to expose it to a much larger audience).

So, all I can say is, thank you so much in advance for your help!

Much love,

P.S. You have until the end of Sunday, August 15th to subscribe/listen/submit your review, and I will be sending an email 3 days after that announcing the names (or screen names) of everyone who won a free 1-on-1 coaching session. If you’re one of the people on the list, you then reply to the email and I’ll personally contact you to schedule the Zoom call.

Instructions on How to Participate

On Apple iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Apple Podcasts app.
  • If you don’t have that app, go to the App Store and search for Apple Podcasts and install it.
  • Then click this link to be taken to the SoulHub podcast: (If the link sends you to the podcast web page instead of the app, simply click on Listen on Apple Podcasts on the web page to launch the app.)
  • Next to each episode is a play button. Tap it to listen to that episode.
  • Tap the Subscribe button to follow the show. (If you don’t see Subscribe, just tap the 3-dots button and select Follow).
  • Scroll down to Ratings & Reviews to rate this show and leave a review.
  • Shows you follow will be listed in the Library part of the app.

How to Participate If You Don’t Have an iPhone or iPad:

On Windows PC

  • If you don’t have an Apple ID, go to to quickly create one. Once you have an ID, you will be able to rate and review the SoulHub podcast.
  • Next, you’ll need iTunes. Easily Download and install it from the Microsoft Store:
  • Then go to the SoulHub podcast page at Apple
  • Once there, click Listen on Apple Podcasts to launch iTunes and visit the SoulHub podcast within the app.
  • Windows may ask you to choose an application for opening the link. If so, click the Choose Application button and select iTunes, then click Open Link.
  • In iTunes, agree to the terms of service, then Sign In with your Apple ID. You will then see the SoulHub podcast page in iTunes.
  • Next to each episode is a play button. Click it to listen to that episode.
  • Click the Subscribe button, located beneath the show cover image. (By subscribing, you can access the SoulHub podcast any time by clicking Library in the upper middle part of the iTunes window).
  • Click on Ratings and Reviews to rate the show and write a review.

On Mac OSX

  • Have your Apple ID ready.
  • If you don’t have one, go to to create one. Once you have an ID, you will be able to rate and review the SoulHub podcast.
  • Next, you’ll need the Apple Podcasts app. Download and install it from:
  • Open the Podcasts app and sign in with your Apple ID. To do that, click on Account in the menu at the top, and click Sign In.
  • Then go to the SoulHub page at Apple
  • Once there, click Listen on Apple Podcasts to launch the app and view the SoulHub podcast within the app.
  • Next to each episode is a play button. Click it to listen to that episode.
  • Click the Subscribe button. By subscribing, you can access the SoulHub podcast any time by clicking Shows in the menu on the left.
  • Scroll down and click on the link to Write a Review, located left just above “You Might Also Like.”