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35 videos of structured, step-by-step instruction and unique techniques that open me up to my limitless manifestation abilities (and the true fulfillment I’ve always been seeking):

The Foundations: Discover the inner workings of the hidden programming that runs your life

The Science of Consciousness: Explore the incredible and surprising truth of your being from a scientific perspective

Specific Repatterning: Use this technique for directly manifesting specific soul-based desires

The Hidden Law of Attraction Traps: Discover the 6 insidious traps that are unknowingly blocking your manifesting

Merging Into Consciousness: Use this technique to directly experience the joy, peace and freedom of your True Self

True Contemplation: Use this technique to receive soul-based guidance anytime you need to make an important decision in relationships, business, or life in general

General Repatterning: Do this technique to manifest an overall life of flow & abundance

Maintaining Higher Emotional Equilibrium: Utilize 3 powerful techniques for tapping into greater states of fulfillment

Sky Breathing: Do this short energy-raising technique to quickly boost your physical, mental and emotional well-being

Softening: Utilize this highly practical technique to instantly tap into your True Self anytime, anywhere

Shadow Voicing: Use this technique to safely discharge repressed subconscious energies that are secretly sabotaging your life

Shadow Healing: Do this innerwork technique to release deeply embedded emotional patterns that are blocking your manifestation and fulfillment

Awakening The Inner Child: Utilize 3 liberating techniques that heal and release early life traumas your psyche is holding onto

Belief Alchemy: Use this innovative, powerful method to reprogram any kind of limiting belief through highly targeted level 1, 2, & 3 belief change solutions

The Key Limiting & Empowering Beliefs: Discover the 5 most limiting beliefs- and the 5 most empowering beliefs to replace them with- at the root of all human suffering, as well as in the 4 Major Life Quadrants (health, money, relationships, and personal growth).

Discovering Your Greater Purpose: Do 2 life-changing exercises to discover your life’s deeper purpose and how to better tune into inner guidance for fulfilling it

Structured training regimen (21 day challenge) that deepens commitment and accelerates results

Downloadable MP3 of every video

Email support to ask any question needed

“Your book and this amazing course have taken me from not wanting to get out of bed in the morning to being absolutely ecstatic to get out of bed in the morning. I’m so grateful to you! The course was an integral part in me finding myself, and it’s taught me lessons that no other source or person has.”

Lauren B, New York

“Previously I was in IT Quality Assurance, so by nature I look to find defects in everything. But all I can say is that this course is just perfect. Trust me, I have done several courses of this nature before. And nothing compares to the quality of this course and its content.”

Thushani R, Toronto

“Your teachings are perfect. I now know who I am and what I want. And thanks to your course I’ve released two long standing issues that were blocking me. I am forever grateful to you for bringing healing to me and everyone who joins this amazing course. Especially at the price we can afford!”

Jean-Guy Duguay, Montreal

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