Total Embodiment Meditation

It’s hard being human, isn’t it?

We spend our lives endlessly seeking. Seeking happiness. Seeking love. Seeking spiritual growth. And yet whenever these come, they rarely last. So, we end up hoping that tomorrow will be better than today.

…that tomorrow I’ll finally be happy and fulfilled.

…that tomorrow I’ll finally have what my heart longs for.

But that hope is made bittersweet by the memory of all the previously dashed hopes of a similar nature.

Nothing has really changed. We’re still stuck and frustrated at the core of it, longing for something more, something deeper, but not knowing how to get there.

And because of this, deep down we’re desperately seeking escape. Seeking an end to the subtle suffering at the heart of our existence.

It doesn’t have to be that way—not if you were to discover the real reason behind the suffering.

See, in reality there’s a hidden culprit causing all of your suffering. And this culprit is hidden so incredibly well that most people never even suspect that it’s there, let alone finding and removing it.

So, what is this hidden culprit?

It’s you.

Actually, it’s the you that you think you are—which is not the real you.

In the ancient spiritual texts, this was referred to in one way or the other as the false, or illusory self.

This false self masquerades as you, living your life, making your choices, and keeping you in an endless loop of suffering.

So, what is it exactly?

It’s the thoughts, feelings, and ultimately, the voice inside your head.

What happens when the mind identifies with a stream of thoughts strung together through time?

These thoughts create the illusion of a separate person. They create the phantom “you” that you think yourself to be.

But these thoughts are based around the fundamental fear that we are not enough—that we are unworthy. We have thoughts of guilt, shame, blame, and regret—condemnation.

And when you buy into such thoughts, you can never be truly happy and at peace. You will always be seeking to fill the apparent void produced by such thoughts and their accompanying feelings.

So, the key to true peace, happiness, and love is to see through the illusion of the false self and simply awaken to your true nature as consciousness itself.

But how can you actually do this?

Throughout the ages, the same answer has been given over and over again.


But not just any kind of meditation, rather awakening meditation that allows you to disidentify from the incessant thought-stream of the mind and sink into the subtle energy field that’s connected to the ground truth of your being.

When you do this consistently, the false self begins losing its hold on you because you’re witnessing it more and more instead of falling for its misleading thoughts and feelings.

The more the false self is seen through, the more Presence becomes available through your experience of life, and, as a result, you start being able to live from your true Self.

The real goal is to learn to consciously embody the true Self. This means learning to embody consciousness in the midst of a modern, crazy, hectic world because that’s where you live.

It’s the process of removing your identification from thoughts and the resulting emotions, and waking up to yourself as the formless awareness that you are.

Then your identity is no longer wrapped up in the particular thoughts and feelings of the mind, but grounded in the unchanging witness that perceives all of the changing thoughts and feelings as they spontaneously arise.

So it’s about tapping into the clear, wondrous presence that’s right here, right now, available at all moments of the day.

It’s a gradual process that takes willingness and commitment, but you can start seeing the changes very quickly when you make awakening meditation an integral part of your daily life.

When you do that, everything changes.

You start becoming who you’ve always wanted to be: powerfully clear, kind, loving, present, at peace, in joy.

Total Embodiment Meditation guides you through this process of awakening with a comprehensive and powerful system of training videos, meditations, and live instruction.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

See through
the traps

and shortcomings of many popular spiritual paths.

Achieve the right
inner attitude

that will allow for an entering into Presence beyond the incessant thought-stream usually holding you captive.

your perception

and rest in that consciousness—even with eyes open and as you go about doing all the normal things in life.

to your true nature

and see through the illusion of the false self.

Spot the subtle
and hidden ways

that the false self seeks to perpetuate itself by deceiving you.

Reprogram your
emotional reactivity

so that strong emotions have less and less power to throw you off balance.

Get into deep,
Zen-like awareness

very quickly when something stressful or overwhelming is occurring.

Consciously embody
the true Self

and shine the light of that awareness into the world.

You’ll experience a profoundly holistic approach to full awakening
—and not just “another meditation technique.”

That’s because Total Embodiment Meditation is taught by a samurai master who has dedicated his entire life to awakening to the truth of being and fully embodying it on this earth.

From 15 years of training in Japan, to sacred plant ceremonies with indigenous people in South America, to vision quests alone in the wilderness for days in deep meditation, he has seen through the false self and awakened to the true nature that we all share.

Now he’s helping sincere spiritual seekers like you do the same. This intensive mentoring program is designed to highly accelerate your awakening process.

What You Will Receive

Total Embodiment Meditation brings you:

  • 32 powerful instructional training videos
  • 3 months of daily live group guided meditations (+ 24-hour on demand replays)

Simply watch the videos using the online portal and follow along with the instructions and meditations (also available as downloadable audios for your convenience).

You’ll be training under the instruction of a master meditator who will be teaching you all of this directly in the videos—so it’s as if you’re sitting with him in his dojo and it’s just the two of you.

You have lifetime access so you can return to these videos again and again.

In addition, you’ll gain exclusive access to 3 months of daily live group guided meditations (+ 24-hour on demand replays).

Here’s an in-depth look at what you’ll receive:


To begin the process, we lay the groundwork so that you become much more aware of your inner drives and have a deep sense of purpose and commitment. You’ll learn:

The traps and shortcomings of the most popular spiritual paths.

How you can save yourself years of detours and dead ends.

The false self’s hidden motivations that can trip you up.

How to continue growing and becoming happier and more peaceful.


Once the foundational elements are clarified, the meditation training begins. In this part, we guide you to experience for yourself what not to do, and exactly how that feels in the body. You’ll discover:

What control, resistance and inner manipulation feel like.

6 different traditional meditations that rely too much on focus and concentration.

Why these types of meditations won’t lead you to full awakening.

The Meditation

Now you’re ready for an exploration of the Total Embodiment Meditation. In this section, you will learn:

The right inner attitude that will allow for an entering into Presence, where joy and peace reside.

The different states of consciousness that exist, from lowest to highest.

3 ways to tap into the conscious clarity needed to see through the illusion of self.

How to use that clarity to more fully open to your experience in the here and now.

The Total Embodiment Meditation in three modalities: open-eyed, closed-eyed, and moving.

The Embodiment

To successfully put all this into practice in your daily life, we give you crucial tips and simple but powerful techniques to help you stay on track. You’ll discover:

The tricky spiritual traps that might sabotage your progress and how to avoid them.

How to overcome mental resistance when the mind is throwing a tantrum.

How to reprogram your emotional reactivity so that strong emotions don’t throw you off track.

The Flash meditation, a condensed form of Total Embodiment meditation that helps you quickly enter a deep, zen-like awareness whenever something stressful or overwhelming is occurring.

The False Self

In this set of videos, you’ll get a detailed account of all the subtle and hidden ways that the false self seeks to perpetuate itself by deceiving you.

Gain a deeper understanding of how the false self (or ego) works and feeds off of you.

Discover the shocking ways you’ve been falling for its manipulations your entire life.

Learn why these strategies of the false self are the root cause of all your suffering.

Become free of the false self and accelerate your transformation in a truly powerful way.

Daily Live Group Guided Meditations

Using the online portal, you'll have access to 3 months of daily live group guided meditations. This is the heart of the program. You'll be meditating with a master meditation teacher who can guide your practice in subtle ways. You'll receive access to an online Zoom community to practice speaking and listening while in a meditative state, as well as a private Facebook group to connect and bond with others on a similar spiritual journey.

Are You Ready to Experience Total Embodiment?

Are you tired of endless seeking?
Are you ready to move beyond the self-perpetuating cycles of suffering and illusion?

Do you want to realize the joy, peace, and fulfilment your heart has always longed for?

And do you have the sincerity, willingness, and commitment to fully embrace your spiritual awakening?

Then Total Embodiment Meditation is for you.

This holistic and comprehensive training program helps you awaken to the truth of your being, and just as importantly, to actually embody your True Self in the world and make a massive difference in all aspects of your life.

If you’re ready, take the next step and dive in to begin your radical transformation towards true peace and happiness.

Lifetime Access + 3 months Live Daily Guided Meditations: $397