Higher Journey

You can feel it. You’ve been longing for something more out of life.

You know there has to be more—but you just haven’t experienced it yet.

Maybe you feel called to help others—but aren’t doing all you can because you’re not sure how to make a real and lasting difference.

Or maybe you’ve manifested your desires—but abundance hasn’t brought you the deep satisfaction you hoped for.

So how can you actually find true peace and happiness?

If someone were to keep manifesting greater and greater material abundance, would it actually bring the deep and lasting fulfillment the heart seeks?

If that were the case, billionaires and lottery winners would be the happiest people on Earth. And yet, they frequently struggle with depression and feelings of emptiness. So that isn’t the answer.

At the spiritual level, manifesting endless abundance is actually a game of diminishing returns. True peace and happiness simply cannot be found there in the long run.

That’s because comfort, security and leisure only satisfy the human part of you — the part that’s secretly scared of being weak, poor, bored and ignored.

But what about the divine part you? What about the heart, the soul, the Spirit?

At the core of your being you seek something far more valuable.

You seek meaning and purpose.

You seek wisdom and awakening.

You seek spiritual love and higher service.

And that’s why lasting peace and fulfillment requires honoring your divine aspect.

How? By shifting your energy and focus toward the spiritual empowerment of both yourself and others.

It means helping yourself and helping the world according to your greater purpose—skillfully, effectively, and safely.

Does that mean giving up material comfort and security? No, not at all — these are still essential because you can’t help others from a position of poverty.

Rather, it means building upon what you have with genuine spiritual riches.

There’s so much more—such deeper peace, happiness, and fulfillment to be found—when you look beyond the small and plug your heart into something unfathomably bigger.

That’s why we made Higher Journey.

We want to empower you with incredible knowledge and amazing spiritual tools to help you pursue your higher calling.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Discover your
Greater Purpose

and get a clearer understanding of why you’re here. Develop heightened intuition using the tools in this course and watch in amazement as your life purpose unfolds gracefully and naturally.

Discern the best way
to help others

by recognizing whether you’re actually helping their spiritual wellbeing or merely enabling their personal weaknesses.

Find the answer to any question or problem

using the True Contemplation technique, a special method designed to help you tap into your inner hidden wisdom.

genuinely selfless

in a sustainable and empowering way by transforming yourself from the inside out starting with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-healing.

Identify and transform limiting beliefs

that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential. You’ll learn a straightforward 3-step method for finding and transmuting any limiting belief using the Belief Alchemy system.

Discharge toxic emotional energies from your subconscious

so that they no longer poison your judgment. These energies lie at the root of hidden insincerity and self-centeredness. By releasing them, you’ll gain newfound levels of spiritual clarity and authenticity.

Maintain the ideal
emotional state

for the ultimate level of clarity, balance, and effectiveness in life.

Open your
spiritual eyes

and perceive the light of consciousness within yourself and others. Witness for yourself how we’re all unique expressions of the same underlying Oneness.

Walk the Higher Path
of Service

that blends compassion with wisdom so that you can be of true and balanced service to All. This is the key to deep and lasting fulfillment and true spiritual awakening.

How does Higher Journey actually work?

This course empowers you with deep spiritual wisdom and amazing techniques for inner transformation so that you can safely and successfully make a meaningful difference in the world.

See, fulfilling your greater purpose depends on how clearly and powerfully you express the greater divine aspect of your being.

That’s because you need a strong connection to your higher aspect to act with strength, love, and wisdom in life.

But the more this divine light is filtered and distorted by hidden limiting beliefs, ego-motivations, and subconscious darkness within you, the less effective you become at helping others. In fact, you may even end up harming them.

Good intentions can backfire if you lack the necessary wisdom and guidance.

And the only way to access that wisdom and guidance is to first remove the distorting filters in your mind so that your spiritual core essence can come through loud and clear.

That’s what you’ll be doing in the first half of this course.

You’ll start by identifying and transmuting your limiting beliefs, healing the shadow regions of your subconscious, and powering up with some crucial knowledge about pitfalls to avoid on this journey.

And you’ll discover how self-love, self-acceptance, and self-healing are actually the keys to becoming more selfless.

The inner health and vibrancy you’ll attain with the help of this course will translate to health and vibrancy in all areas of your life.

Then you’re ready to enter into the Higher Path of Service.

We’ll teach you how to:

  • discover your greater purpose,
  • tap into your mental and intuitive powers,
  • develop an unshakeable inner peace and strength,
  • see through the eyes of your divine aspect,
  • and much more!

The inner health and vibrancy you’ll attain with the help of this course will translate to health and vibrancy in all areas of your life.

By breaking free from the lower and connecting with the higher, you’ll undergo inner transmutation toward a more spiritually expanded version of yourself.

You’ll then possess the priceless wisdom, purity of intent, and metaphysical skillset needed to safely and effectively fulfill your greater purpose and genuinely help others.

And that is how you’ll realize the lasting peace and happiness and true spiritual awakening your heart deserves.

What You Will Receive

Higher Journey takes you through a carefully designed series of videos, written exercises, audio tracks, and guided meditations.

You simply watch the videos at your pace on any device, do the written exercises and meditations as instructed, and then take on the transformative 21-Day Challenge included at the end.

Here’s what’s in each of the 26 videos:


We begin with some deep questions about reality and our true nature:

Could reality be a collective dream we’re all co-creating together?

If so, which part of you is actually real, and which part is illusion?

Is taking control of the dream and manifesting your desires the secret to happiness?

Or does the “Law of Attraction” merely keep you asleep in the dream?

The Key to Fulfillment

In this part you’ll discover the true secret to lasting happiness. You’ll learn:

Why endlessly manifesting more and more abundance only leads to a spiritual dead end.

The one type of spiritual alignment that brings you deep and lasting fulfillment.

The secret of what it actually means to “be of service.”

How limiting beliefs and unchecked ego-motivations can undermine your ability to truly serve.

Pitfall: Doing Without Being

Here we expose one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to help others.

The surprising danger of getting hung up on “good works” and “doing good for others.”

Why these represent a lower path of service with numerous shortcomings.

What it takes to walk the Higher Path of Service and be of true and balanced service to all.

Pitfall: Compassion Without Wisdom

Here you’ll gain a deeper understanding of something we can all relate to, which is the challenge of being wise and discerning when helping others.

7 ways to know you’re lacking wisdom in your attempt to be of service.

Why “following your heart” does not have to mean “losing your head.”

The importance of merging compassion with wisdom and how to attain this balance.

Pitfall: Hidden Self-Centeredness

In this video you’ll learn about identifying the hidden ego-based motivations that can undermine your good intentions.

How everyone has a mixture of sincere and insincere motives, even those who think otherwise.

Why unacknowledged self-centeredness is the major blocker to effective spiritual service.

What it takes to actually find and transmute the subconscious issues behind hidden self-centeredness.

Pitfall: Craving an Enemy

Here we unmask a pitfall so common that almost no one recognizes it in themselves.

Why we need challenges in life to grow — and how this can quickly spiral out of control.

The surprising way our sense of justice, fairness, and compassion can feed our inner darkness.

The toxic dynamic behind “fighting for a good cause.”

Pitfall: Becoming Your Own Police Officer

The final pitfall you’ll learn about is a crushing one that burdens every dedicated spiritual seeker.

The non-obvious place where your drive for spiritual perfection really comes from.

Why having high ambitions for spiritual service can lead to failure.

What selflessness really means (it’s not what most people think).

How self-love, self-acceptance, and self-healing can actually help you be more selfless.


This part teaches you the powerful Softening technique, which you can apply throughout the day in any situation to shift into a higher state of consciousness.

The great secret of how you can access peace, happiness, and fulfillment right now.

How Softening can help you stay masterfully balanced in the face of emotionally tough situations.

Why Softening is actually loving and accepting your entire being—the key to true spiritual awakening.

Shadow Voicing

Here you’ll learn the Shadow Voicing technique for safely discharging repressed subconscious energies that may be interfering with your spiritual path of service.

Why ignoring subconscious Shadow energies allows them to manipulate us in self-destructive ways.

How Shadow Voicing works as an important first step in healing the subconscious.

How to acquire the inner balance, peace, and clarity needed to walk the Higher Path of Service.

Shadow Healing

Next, we’ll go deeper with two videos on the Shadow Healing technique. The first video gives detailed background info on what the Shadow is and where it comes from. The second is a 12-Minute guided meditation in which you’ll release trapped Shadow patterns in your body, then enter into your subconscious and reintegrate a portion of your being there that had been trapped by the Shadow.

Belief Alchemy: Introduction

Here we introduce the Belief Alchemy system. You’ll get a thorough rundown of what it takes to identify and transform the limiting beliefs that may be interfering with the Higher Path of Service.

An overview of limiting beliefs, where they come from, and how they hold us back.

How limiting beliefs act like filters obscuring your inner spiritual light.

Three reasons people cling to limiting beliefs despite their disempowering nature.

Belief Alchemy: Find Your Limiting Beliefs

In this section you’ll dive into your subconscious to reveal what limiting beliefs need to be transformed.

Belief Alchemy: Level 1 & Level 2 Solutions

There are three types of limiting beliefs and therefore three ways to transmute them. Here you’ll learn about the first two and the best way to handle them.

How the power of recognition and realization can evaporate Level 1 limiting beliefs.

How to use Repatterning to replace Level 2 beliefs with empowering ones.

Belief Alchemy: Level 3 Solution

Sometimes a limiting belief is so deeply rooted in the subconscious that you encounter resistance when trying to Repattern it. This video recaps the Shadow Healing technique for dissolving that resistance at its source.

How to heal the Shadow through the energies of love, forgiveness, and release.

Release trapped Shadow-patterns from your subtle energy field.

Liberate and re-integrate aspects of the Inner Child held hostage by the Shadow.

Dissolve the resistance and emotional charge behind any limiting belief.

Belief Alchemy: Spiritual Growth

In this part we cover 8 limiting beliefs that may be holding back your spiritual growth. We’ll unravel each one and give you an empowering belief you can use instead.

Your Greater Purpose

By dissolving inner sources of resistance, you’re clearing the way to rise to your higher calling. Now you’re ready to connect with the true source of spiritual power. We begin the next part of this course with two exercises for finding your greater purpose in life.

Exercise: Mapping Your Purpose — get a clearer understanding of why you’re here.

Exercise: Sensing Your Guidance — learn how to consult your intuition to make spiritually-aligned choices.

Why you actually choose your own destiny — but not in the way you might think.

The one life purpose we all have in common.

The subtle nuances of how our own unique spiritual calling plays out in practice.

Seeing the Light

Here we’ll teach you an amazing exercise called Seeing the Light.

Directly experience the light of consciousness within yourself and within others.

Witness for yourself how we’re all different expressions of the same Oneness.

See how genuinely helping others and genuinely helping yourself are one and the same thing.

Being of Service Without Harming

In this section you’ll gain a profound understanding of the metaphysical and psychological variables involved in being of service without doing harm. That’s something we need to understand if we want to walk the Higher Path of Service safely and effectively.

How to know whether you’re actually helping someone’s spiritual wellbeing or merely enabling their Shadow.

The importance of tough love, discretion, and holding back when necessary.

Two ways to figure out you’re making the right call in choosing how you help someone.

Wisdom Through True Contemplation

Here we’ll give you a powerful and versatile technique called True Contemplation for increasing the amount of clarity and wisdom in your life. You’ll be combining your mental and intuitive abilities in a structured way to figure out the answer to any question, problem, mystery, or decision you’re facing.

Maintaining a Higher Emotional Equilibrium

In this part we’ll show you what emotional state brings the greatest level of clarity, balance, and effectiveness in life.

Why being emotionally high can actually be detrimental to your spiritual well-being.

Three techniques you can do every day to maintain your emotional equilibrium.

Why this is precisely the state we need to be in to fulfill our greater calling.

Sky Breathing

In these two videos you’ll learn and master the Sky Breathing technique. The first video explains how and why it works, and the second video is a guided meditation you can experience yourself as often as you’d like. You can do Sky Breathing first thing every day, or anytime you need a lift from a negative state back to the optimal spiritual state.

The Takeaway

You’ll finish this course with a mountain-top perspective that ties it all together:

An overview of what you’re truly achieving with this new knowledge.

What spiritual awakening and unfoldment really mean.

21-Day Challenge

Take this on when you’re ready to achieve the deep and lasting fulfillment and true spiritual awakening that comes with aligning with your greater purpose. For three weeks you’ll be guided through daily sets of exercises from the course. Each set will take less than 45 minutes of your time. By the end you’ll notice an unmistakable positive impact on your entire being.

Are You Ready for Higher Journey?

Do you wish for greater meaning and purpose in life?

Are you ready to move beyond the Law of Attraction and become part of something bigger, something even more wonderful and satisfying?

Do you want true soul evolution, true awakening, and lasting peace, happiness, and fulfillment?

Then Higher Journey is meant for you.

Imagine being highly aligned with your inner spirit and acting more consistently with love, compassion, understanding, and wisdom.

Imagine being able to know from the heart the right thing to say and do in far more situations.

Imagine your life unfolding with the grace and elegance that comes with being in harmony with your true spiritual purpose.

One day you’ll look back with such gratitude and joy for all the ways you’ve touched people’s hearts and made a real difference in the world.

Know that as a spiritual being, this has always been your destiny. It’s now a matter of claiming it and rising to your higher calling.

Are you ready? Take the next step and dive in to start receiving the deep wisdom and powerful spiritual tools that await you in this course — you’ll need them on your journey.

NOTE: The price of this course is $1200 but we’re currently running a free workshop that teaches you some of the key, life-changing concepts from the course while offering a large discount.